Programa Black Caiman – 5D/4N

a_Caiman-Negro-5D-4N_1Black Caiman Program (5D/4N) – COD: IQT-EJT-BC5

Located at the Damping Zone – Pacaya Samiria Reserve

Day 1:Iquitos – Nauta – Ecological Jungle Trips (L – D)

8:00 a.m.: Pick up from hotel or airport reception and transfer them to the town of Nauta, by road in a private AUTO. Along the way we will see small villages of farmers settled on the sides of the road. The trip lasts for 1.45 hrs. approximately. After arrival in the town of Nauta, We address to the vessels which leads us to our hostel, which is 2 hours and 30 minutes sailing upstream in a typical boat along the MARAÑON, AMAZON AND UCAYALI rivers, and ending in the YARAPA river where the hostel is located. Allocation of private rooms and program information to follow. Walk deep into primary forest, knowing part of the Flora and fauna of the area, approximately two hours. Return to the Lodge. Lunch. Visit to an Amazon village to see their daily activities and keep browsing the Ucayali river to watch dolphins (GREY AND PINK). Dinner. A night time indicated by the guide performed the canoe trip in order to see different nocturnal species. Night at the Lodge.

Day 2:Ecological Jungle Trips (Lodge and excursions) (B-L-D )

Early morning hike through the jungle to observe different animal species in their natural habitat. –Breakfast. – Tour to the YARAPA river by motor boat for Piranha fishing, bird watching, and other species. – Lunch. – Walk orientation in the jungle to talk about medicinal plants and industrial trees while learning about the art of survival using the elements of the Amazon jungle. – Dinner. – A time indicated by the night hike guide for some kinds of insects, frogs and other nocturnal species. –Night at the Lodge.

Day 3: Ecological Jungle Trips, Excrusiones in the river Yarapa ( B-L-D )

Early observation Lupuna giant trees (Ceiba pentandra), Capirona, Capinuri (Heliocóstilis scabra) and striking birds as the Toucan (Pteroglossus), the red macaw (Ara macao), blue and yellow macaw (Ara ararauna ), Great Egret Egreta alba) and Amazon Kingfisher (Amazon Chloroceryle). –Breakfast. – Recreational program for fishing piranhas and other species such as catfish, tucunare, bujurquis, acarahuasu, sardines in the lagoon near to the lodge, fishing is carried out with typical canes of the area. – Return to the Lodge. – Lunch at the Lodge. – Enjoy the freshness of the Yarapa river, swimming and having the opportunity to observe the dolphin Grey and Pink, At the same time many varieties of birds flying by. – Perform canoe tours for different springs that leads into the primary forest to observe the largest Amazonian biodiversity. – Return to the Lodge. –Dinner. – Talks or Amazon experiences, resting to go camping the next day after breakfast.

DIA 4:Ecological Jungle Trips – (Night CAMPING) (B-L-D)

Breakfast. A time indicates output for CAMPING, During the trip we can see a variety of Flora and Fauna, and also the famous OSO PERESOSO (In their own habitat). – Camping is outside the area of the hostel to 2.30 hours of navigation Motor boat for Yarapa river introducing us more into the jungle. – Lunch. – Afternoon exploration to hear insects, trees, palm trees, the famous tree RUBBER, cedar, etc. Where we spend the night camping equipment that we will provide, night trips to watch the black and white alligators, snakes, boas, frogs, insects, night monkeys, and fishing with typical jungle arrows.

Día 5: Ecological Jungle Trips – Nauta-Iquitos ( B – L)

Breakfast, – Camping and return to the lodge browsing small lakes and rivers of our Amazon rainforest, observation and some other species not seen during the program, Victoria Regia, Orchids, Mono Leoncillo (Pygmy marmoset). – Lunch at the Lodge. – At the indicated time return to the town of Nauta, to continue the journey to the city of Iquitos in the Private Car. – End of Tour in Iquitos Office


Airport Transfers IN / OUT. – 04 nights’ accommodation at the lodge. – Transfer from the airport to the port or hotel in Iquitos. – You will visit small local communities to see the different lifestyle that lead people of the jungle. – Purified water all day. – You can charge the batteries of cameras in our generator. Ask the administrator. – You will enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner made delicious Peruvian dishes prepared by staff of the Amazon Lodge. If there are vegetarians in the group, please let us know in advance. – Night and day excursions to look for animals. – Expert bilingual naturalist guides small groups. – An exposure of animals living in the area. – First Aid Kit


Air tickets and airport taxes. – Tips for guides and staff members. – Travel insurance or health insurance. – Costs extra in the city of Iquitos. – Cigarettes, soda, beer, Laundry. – Phone Calls


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